GoFundMe to Treat Henrietta Lacks

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RemedyCoin is mentioned in my GoFundMe campaign for a biofield clearing project for Mrs. Henrietta Lacks. She died in 1951 yet her cells live on in medical institutions around the planet, and particularly her DNA has been introduced to much of the world population through Polio Vaccinations.

Because I do remote healing therapy work it occurred to me that Mrs. Lacks was a very, very sick woman it might be that her biofield overlays each one of us who has her DNA inside of us. I believe that I can direct tuning fork vibrations to affect this shared biofield which appears might overlay each one of us. Potentially this causes lots of energetic blockages within each of our biofields.

This project is a tedious one, going over every inch of space to the sides of each part of the body up to 200 feet away as may be indicated when doing the work. Distances beyond 5 feet are suggested to be from past lives. Biofield tuning can have profound impacts on the psychology and physiology of a patient. Seldom are patients tuned beyond the 5 or 6 foot range unless a particular distortion in the field proves extraordinarily difficult to clear. However in my opinion, since this DNA pattern is SO widely spread throughout the population it seems imperative to clear it as best I can. If people will support the project to the target value, I will do my utmost to assist with my special skills.

The story of Henrietta Lacks is an interesting conflict where RemedyCoin could play an important role. The Doctor at John Hopkins University took her cancerous cells and her healthy cells. Without her consent, the doctor shared these extraordinary “healthy” cells which kept growing outside the body. He shared them with other doctors around the planet.

It is my considered opinion that the traumatic imprints of her life may affect all of us harboring her DNA to varying degrees.

I have included some reference to RemedyCoin.com in the go fund me campaign where I feel that RemedyCoin’s experimental methods may be able to resolve the conflicting interests between all the parties involved.

Note: in the video I mentioned using a medium. I’ve found that I can get the feedback I require from holding a pendulum over the tuning fork. This helps me understand how long I need to stay in one place to clear a blockage.

Another web site of mine AcaForko.com features my energetic therapy methods along with customer testimonials.

Both RemedyCoin.com and AcaForko.com are both proud to be efforts of ForgivenessCapital.com a venture capital firm which asserts the infinite worth of every individual human on the planet Earth.

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