Remedy.Law Legal Defense Fundraiser

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A new youtube message announces a Legal Defense Cooperative Fundraiser and a new Remedy.Law token.
The GoFund Me Link is here:

* * * NARRATIVE * * *
I’m collecting up funds to help those needing to defend themselves against tyranny. A buddy needs $10,000 for his appeal case – $1,000 of it soon. I know of two others that could greatly benefit by similar sums. I’m not naming names without permission. These funds will be used at the discretion of me (Joseph William Baker).See the youtube link below for more details. Click Here for the Go Fund Me page:
* * * F U N D S R E A D Y T O D E P L O Y * * *
Imagine how having these funds collected, and ready to deploy can change a person’s chances. Like having a big brother standing there ready to help you out. Giving now can make a huge difference in someone’s life.
* * * B O N U S * * *
Complete these steps by December 10th, 2019 and in GRATITUDE for your gift I’m giving away tokens of appreciation I call “REMEDY.LAW” to those who register at and register at AND email me the username you chose at bitshares to”FPL Registration Remedy.LAW”.
* * * D O N A T E N O W * * *
Donate Now, it’s even easier with Bitcoin! Bitcoin: 1GzAxQzZ7ZiqaWiJxijHd8YtjuQ1AM5DNZ
Rather than think about “Debts To Society” lets think of what great things we can to together by sacrificing resources in unison and with intent…. like the power of a coherent light from a laser beam.

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