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BitShares uses their software to make your web browser function as the wallet for holding RemedyCoin assets. Through a username and a really long password generated by your web browser (like this: P5JiHWdGtLiW2Zuitpms1TB6X39Vk6HLWpqvE3tjfWwki ). BitShares is how you move RemedyCoin assets from one person to another.

Because of the US Government’s intention to interfere in the lives of so many crypto currency holders, a way had to be created to allow people to trade without being impeded by regulators. Thus the creation of distributed exchanges. Such that they cannot be shut down, or raided or interfered with to stop the markets from operating.

BitShares rewards referrals made to it by giving back a portion of the network fees. When you initially create a BitShares username, this is the time you use a referral link to allow credit to go to the one who referred you. Ask the person referring you if they have a referral link you would like them to use. If you learned about RemedyCoin through a talk show host that you regularly listen to their commission for bringing you to RemedyCoin is dependent upon you using their Referral code.

As we make arrangements with talk show hosts, we will list their referral codes here for your convenience.

Here is a referral code you may use from our founder, Joe Baker:

Note: Do not follow my example my username of “joe-baker” is a very poor way to achieve a level of anonymity on BitShares. It is better to use a name with a dash included that is memorable but not related to your person. Maybe “happy-juggler” for instance. This name is given to those who will send you money as a destination address.