Guest Richard I Fine talks about his effort for an emergency spending bill in the California Legislature to address the needs of victims of judicial corruption. Read about it here in an article by Janet Phalen on Activist Post

A show about bringing HARMONY to the world through ECONOMIC INNOVATION, HEALTH TIPS and INCREASED AWARENESS.

Joe Baker’s Remedy Report is a production of the CHURCH OF FORGIVENESS CAPITAL. The church’s 2 main tennants are :

  1. Humans on Earth have infinite value
  2. Human beings must not be vaccinated nor should they take antibiotics which damage irreplaceable gut bacteria.

Alan David’s Essential Bitcoin Report Part 1 2021. Essential Bitcoin Report Part 2

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The Remedy Report Streams live at 1pm Central Time M-F. Joe Baker’s RemedyReport broadcast is about bringing harmony to the world through economics and health information and increased awareness about controversial subjects. Occasionally we have guests who provide important information about the world through a rare and unique historical lens. Alan David of NAHLS.Net (North American Historical Law Society Is such a guest.

Weather Therapy Show Audio Only

Joe’s Sound Therapy with Aluminum Pipe

Pelvic Health for Women episode.

Alan David’s Vaccine Notice cites US Supreme Court decisions which demonstrate that governments cannot force you to take a vaccine.

Alan’s Crypto News for Friday June 11th.

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Part 6 Alan’s PDF Report COVID-19 report by 500 German Doctors and more