I’m looking for feedback about what to put into the prospectus. Please email me with suggestions. The latest work on a rewrite of the prospectus is being done here on Google Docs.
-Joe Baker

The RemedyCoin project has a coin on the exchange. This coin commemorates and honors the experimental efforts of Joseph William Baker to create a new financial system which respects, honors and draws from as needed the infinite worth of every individual involved. Addressing seemingly impossible situations by crafting remedy by valuing and commemorating an act of forgiveness with a financial instrument.

This prospectus draws on and incorporates the latest wording from the Forgiveness Public License which you signal your consent to by participating in it’s markets.

Trading or holding the “Remedy” token means many things…

  • You are participating with a marketplace that wishes to advance the work of RemedyCoin and Joseph William Baker in bringing remedy to the world.
  • It signals you have gifted to the work of the RemedyCoin network.
  • You agree with the terms of the v 0.11 or higher.
  • You understand that RemedyCoin is not a government compliant organization – that your participation is a private contract among a society specifically exempting their private relationships with others in the society from government regulation. Electing rather to use our concept of forgiveness contracts as our sole source of remedy among one another.
  • RemedyCoin aims to create instruments which cultivate and define the value of forgiveness, charity and commemoration of an individual or a cause. We reserve a portion of coins as a commission that both supports our work and a portion is intended to be earmarked as “rainfall” to those holding our “Remedy”. This is no guarantee nor any obligation on the part of RemedyCoin. It is our intention but we have no obligation to perform. If you feel you are harmed in any way by the RemedyCoin organization you are free to create a forgiveness contract which you may consider to have our open and automatic endorsement of for purposes of allowing you to achieve your remedy.

What the “Remedy” token on DOES NOT represent.

  • Remedy does not issue financial reports. Remedy does not have any “shareholders” per-say. These are not stock shares in any corporation.
  • The Remedy Token does not represent any guaranteed value
  • The remedy token does not represent any guaranteed receipt of future value.
  • The remedy token does not represent equity in the project.

Holding the Remedy Token may enable you to having veto voting power over decisions brought to the community which might affect the value of the market.

Another “Remedy” coin has been secured on the RavenCoin blockchain to secure the namespace. But as yet we do not have a purpose for this coin except to release future coins such as “” where we are looking to mine value by having practitioners perform free health care to patients who in turn validate receiving benefit and allow the work to be commemorated and tokenized.