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RemedyCoin is a socio-economic experiment that aims to resolve conflict with an offer of forgiveness on the blockchain. No government required.

A list of damages with a price list, an offer forgiveness, a deadline missed — results in a financial agreement where pieces of forgiveness are sold a new cryptocurrency on the internet commemorating the act forgiveness and bringing remedy to the injured party.

The human heart has an amazing transformation effect. Joe Baker has identified over 20 psychological and physiological effects that are vastly superior in a conflict where the remedy coin forgiveness process is used. “This has a tremendous effect on the fabric of society. In my review of these differences I have observed that there is a divide-and-conquer aspect to the way we have been taught to ‘deal’ with conflict. The defendants stand to lose money, experience shame, are afraid of punishment. The damaged person comes from a place of vengeance, wants the other party to feel their pain, seeks reparations, they fear that they won’t win the court case, that their case won’t be good enough. Participants find themselves surrounded with incentives to lie and cheat to obtain the best position within the courts.” says Joe Baker, Founder of

“Remedy coin on the other hand brings enhanced awareness of both parties toward the perspectives of the other. We are experimenting with something profound here.” said Baker.

We might call this crowd sourced remedy.

These assets are “stated value”. As such please only provide goods and services to the extent that you can afford to give such things away. Better than just giving such things away – we are lending support to a new economy.

When the defendant observes Market participants honoring the rate, a new sort of breakthrough can dissolve the wall of cognitive dissonance which might be experienced in a form of denial of the damage that was caused. Our aim is to create higher awareness of the individuals involved in the process. We must correctly see what happened or the trauma will Cloud the view of future experiences. One might consider this a sort of intervention when Market participants purchase shares of a remedy coin settlement.

Metaphysical impact of trading money based on forgiveness.

I’ve often wondered about the metaphysical impact of trading money based on debt. It seems to have it’s sort of divide and conquer affect on Society.  If some sort of viral minimal value participation would occur with a remedy coin I like to have people pay particular attention to what effects trading shares of forgiveness has on society. I feel it could be deeply profound. But as of yet I don’t see it clearly.

Adoption in Marketplace.

I’ve spoken with people from the bitshares.Org ecosystem which contains its own blockchain and  distributed exchange technology with Gateway exchange providers that provide interoperability with many popular cryptocurrencies. I’ve seen companies create Merchant point of sale apps for accepting cryptocurrencies using bitshares with advantages over native blockchains. One such project is they allow merchants too swiftly accept cryptocurrencies from customers. I’m pleased to say that since our remedy coins are on bitshares platform that integration to palmpay would not be difficult. Hence it could be within the range of possibility to deploy customer wallets and Merchant point of sale software that is ready to interoperate with remedy coins. I would like to see a social experiment where a community that is divided over a matter is able to bring forgiveness and start trading tokens based on this. The community would be giving an advantage to the harmed party. It would be interesting to see how they would feel about accepting these coins for goods and services.


Much of Remedy coin may have been inspired by an act of violence it’s found had suffered September 29th 2009 when he experienced police trying to kill him in Bakersfield California. He found it very difficult to obtain remedy from the existing legal system. Lawyers told him he had Merit to his case but that their Law firms were too small to handle such a case with so many complexities. There are about 20 other violations of Joseph Baker’s life that occurred around that incident. Remedy coin offers Joseph a method to outline the damages he suffered, along with prices for each. These prices do not have to consider the defendant’s ability to pay. Insurance is usually supposed to take the role of paying for some sorts of damage. But even insurance companies seem to have their limits. Hence when judges determine valuation of damages they seem to lack a certain human valuation aspect. It is likely that some cases remedy coin brings May project valuations which seem extreme. Claims of lost opportunity costs, multipliers for fraudulent damages of 10 times the basis. Interference with one’s Liberty and freedom to travel unimpeded have value most certainly. But until now we haven’t had a very good track record of establishing those values in society. The writer is reminded of a case in Florida where a man was falsely arrested and received compensation at a rate of $85,000 per hour for his time and inconvenience and incarceration. After all our freedom is our property. So we stand at the beginning of a dawn of new clarifications of values where the marketplace will enable affirmation of those the system has had an unhindered dominance over. Market participants large and small can now use their purchasing power as an amplification of values which have been breached and Blended with the power of forgiveness which melts the evil from the perpetrators heart. So when Joseph Baker talks about remedy coin being a stepping stone for the evolution of human consciousness these aren’t just empty words.

Who will buy the remedy coins and why should they accept the risk?

First the writer would like to thank Robert Levin, managing director of emerging star capital LLC for asking this very direct question at a blockchain conference in Zurich Switzerland put on by smart Valor at the end of October 2018. People should buy a remedy coin for a person whose damage statements they strongly agree with, persons for whom they express a great deal of empathy. One should consider the investment totally at risk. Unlike a typical fundraising system this tool uses a decentralized blockchain and offers some level of censorship resistance. If we are to change the way humans are treated by institutions we need a frictionless system of emerging values resulting from damages that occur in an ever-evolving world. Remedy coin offers a frictionless way to do this with one exception. It allows the defendant to veto the process. What are the upsides? There’s a slight possibility that a demand could develop for forgiveness based money that outpaces the number of documented forgiveness cases with remedy coins. This would drive the market price up Beyond even the wildest imagination of the party seeking remedy. Popularity could drive up the price. Although we are employing market-making techniques to provide some liquidity to reduce price swings downward.  Another reason to purchase remedy coins is to project support for a greater value on Humanity in support of those who have been damaged the most. The greatest reason to by and accept the risk is to participate in one of the grandest socio economic experiments the world has ever seen which has the potential to nullify the effects of corruption on all levels. Also to make people whole, to make them feel Unified. These unusual feelings will enable humans to achieve higher creativity, increased awareness, Joy and productivity. This will Cascade through Society like a tsunami in a good way. Now when one considers that Banks themselves by the nature of how they work are all at risk of failing because they invent money that didn’t exist and that those same institutions are backing derivative bets in the marketplace and that governments back the banks and that support for the concept of governments is deeply waning in a world where cryptocurrencies and the internet enable freethinkers to eloquently express these Concepts in increasingly convincing ways. Consider some estimates indicate 700 trillion dollars worth of money invested in derivative markets might be looking to find a better home for their value than these questionable institutions. We are essentially creating a way for Market participants to allow the party who was harmed the ability of seigniorage, that is to create a certain amount of money and to benefit somewhat by it. We are almost allowing the damage party to become a banker where he will take deposits from those in his community of supporters and if he prospers and uses the money wisely he can cultivate use of this money. Certainly modern-day cryptocurrency exchanges and market price analysis will show if he is abusing his advantage. But just as Banks lend credit for “worthy causes” this community of Market participants are establishing the credit worthiness or empathy worthiness of this beneficiary.

Asking you to participate.

The biggest reason to participate in this project is because I’m asking you to because I know what it is like to be damaged and to only have a few people stand by my side. I want to make a platform that makes it easy for people to get some level of remedy in a world where that just didn’t exist. I want to see Humanity start honoring forgiveness in a meaningful way. I want to see what happens when people in Africa start offering remedy coin participation over disputes they have heretofore had absolutely no visible protection from. Like the 10,000 people who died from Ebola. When doctor Robert Rowen was there on the ground demonstrating that ozone therapy cured four people. Men and women died in quarantine from Ebola while they cried out for ozone therapy. If we could find people who are affected by the deaths  of these victims of Ebola we could craft remedy Solutions that would squarely put the World Health Organization as the defendant for their role in perhaps forcing the military General to disallowed the use of ozone. Messages like these make me think remedy coin is the tomahawk which will melt the evil away from the hearts of our fellow human beings. They have lost their way in pursuit of domination and in pursuit of the kind of money that isn’t based on forgiveness from the human heart. Those people are sick and the forgiveness of humanity might be a way to help them see their path towards being healthy again.

Please help in any way you can. Spread the word, volunteer, or if you want to buy the whole project and bring me on as a consultant I’m interested to make sure this technology gets into the hands and minds of the masses.

I’ve recently traveled to many places tirelessly spread the word.   Acapulco, Las Vegas, Amsterdam , Sweeden, Zurich, Malta.

Could Banks Catch the Forgiveness Wave?

I’ve  been pondering what might happen if forgiveness based money would become popular.  Could Banks start forgiving mortgages so they might have an ability to create forgiveness based money?  If we are to believe the Old Testament, there was a practice called the Jubalee wherein periodically all debts were cancelled as a matter of course.  That’s hard to do in an economy based on debt money.

Let’s keep imagining positive solution!

Sincerely and respectfully,

Joseph William Baker

founder of