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This conflict arises from pricing discrepancies in the amount charged on the Bitcoin invoice vs. the invoice sent from the company.  

Mr. Baker detailed in his letter to Destinia that if Destinia could avert this matter in one of three ways:

A. Simply clarify the price discrepancy

B. Refund the price discrepancy

C. Turn the matter into a forgiveness instrument based Remedy Coin.

D. they could send a small amount of bitcoin to Bitcoin to address: 1FB51Zp9yHyBe9imYPg2w6gfnXdNbFPPQs before  3PM GMT on September 21st 2018 to object  to the automatic execution of secion C.

The automatic execution would invoke a debt to be forgiven pending that Destinia will allow Joseph William Baker license to Use their name in the dispute’s public documentation files and that Destinia shall not dishonor this resulting financial instrument binding it’s values tp a token named Remedy.Destinia on the distributed exchange.   The value of the forgiveness shall be deemed to be 113136 Bitshare tokens

Proof of Existence of the 1st Notice  provided by and

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