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WARNING:  The photo below is graphic depicting the results of a severe head injury – swelling and a black eye.

Synopsis (Draft)




On September 28th 2009 I the owner of JOSEPH WILLIAM BAKER® would find myself struck with police batons 15 times and my head stomped on three times.  As of Sept 11th, 2020 nearly eleven years later my claim for damages is just now being noticed by the Bakersfield Police Department.  Together with Kern County, The Kern County Hospital, Barnet’s Towing they acted in concert defrauding me of my liberty, part of my life, my car.  Put simply – they are in extreme dishonor.   And now I’m noticing the world that if they do business with these entities after Jan 1st 2020 that the infinite dishonor is upon them. 

Multiplier of Damages =  18,333,333.33.  I was promoting bitcoin to Alan David and Star Hills in September of 2009 when it’s first negotiated price was $0.0025 per bitcoin.  The billions of dollars worth of damage to my life, liberty, reputation, brain function would be multiplied by 18,333,333.33 because at that low price and it would demonstrate it’s all time high value exceeding $60,000 per bitcoin.  Somehow throughout this ordeal I had forgotten to purchase or mine or continue to promote Bitcoin.

This wasn’t the end of it.  The Hospital would deny Joseph water after crying out for water 35 times with the head nurse saying “well if you hadn’t knocked over an officer..” indicating that she was inflicting punishment as retribution without judicial oversight.  There are codes of conduct agreed to in the Geneva conventions that require prisoners to be cared for and specifically they are to be given access to water.  This was the beginning of the torture Joseph was to endure.  Joseph was invited to Ms. Giery Boyd’s apartment in this telephone call.  Ms. Boyd and Joseph had met earlier that evening singing karaoke in Oildale, California.  The plan was to arrive at her apartment at 3:00 am in the morning to spend the rest of the night together spooning.

Bakersfield Officer Patrick Lefler initiated a false arrest accompanied by officer Richard S. Davis, Jr.   False because when I questioned Lefler about the nature of the emergency he told me I was going too slow and then in the police report said I was going too fast.  It was a dark alleyway with some lighting and I felt I was going at a safe speed as I was looking for the address and maybe a place to park.

The police report falsely indicated I didn’t have a valid license.  Both Wisconsin plates on the car and Wisconsin drivers license were in order and valid.

See the photo of Joseph Baker’s injuries about three days after being battered with 15 strikes of a baton and being stomped on the head three times.

Officer Patrick Lefler  would later be charged with Rape on the job and falsifying police reports:!/v/remedycoin/wh9v501e

This RemedyCoin will likely be named Remedy.Baker the exchange.

Here is a playlist of videos concerning this matter: