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Coin Details: CryptoFresh BTS.AI BitShareScan

Projected Market Value: Worth one Remedy Coin (Aspiring 30 Billion USD)

Diego Campoy accepted a gift of about 0.035776 BTC on May 30th, 2019.
An historic event as the first of it’s kind. Diego agreed to allow Joseph to commemorate the forgiveness style funding of Diego’s foreign exchange (FOREX) trading project. So the coin commemorates the act of giving to Diego while Diego expressed that the gift was worth much more than the approximately 300 USD worth of value at the time. So the tokens created are to celebrate Diego’s enthusiasm. At the moment, the markets are looking rather rigged so Diego is taking a break from the markets.

remedy dot bitwolf forgiveness contract
Forgiveness Funding Contract May 30th, 2019 Joe Baker and Diego Campoy