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Latest update: 08/04/2019
The presentment was defaulted on. A fixed number of 1,000,000.00000000 units were issued. 750,000 of these forgiveness commemorations are available for trading on at 1 bitUSD each. User gypsy-cowgirl is the sole holder of the 0.00010000 of the “remedy” coin (besides me) so she was issued a small amount of the token as rain.

Joseph William Baker takes exception with former SEC official “John Reed Stark” who claims he had a role with “Internet Enforcement” at the SEC.

John’s firm compiled and published an article (now taken down but still referenced here, and from his own web site here ) (another copy found here, and a pdf of this site stored here) that referenced many recent actions by the SEC along with a big picture of Donald Trump citing some of Trump’s latest statements about Bitcoin and cryptos.

Graphic and title of Article

John Reed Stark’s article which is now removed from the Internet LinkedIN made claims about the current “laws” the US Government has in effect and the article make representations that people would be arrested and put in jail if they violated the laws.

In a reply to the article, Joe challenges John to offer any proof that the laws apply to anyone. Joe outlines that he’s confident that John, nor any government official will be able to provide any proof that the laws apply and that he will offer to forgive John the 1 million dollars worth of offense that Joe has experienced by being exposed to this claim. The claim if not substantiated will be deemed an act of terrorism if not responded to Joe’s satisfaction by August 1st, 2019 (clarified and extended to midnight that day Central Time).

Update: Joseph emailed Mr. Stark a THIRD NOTICE with this copy of the email sent to just after midnight the morning of Thursday August 1st, 2019 (CST).

The coin commemorates Joe’s good deed of forgiving Mr. Stark for his terrorist actions as far as Joe is concerned. The market cap will start out at one million bitUSD.

This is an experiment in societal economics. If you agree with a position in an argument you can buy a piece of it’s settlement. Here’s a statement “This is illegal because the government has a law and they will put you in jail if you violate it.” I’m saying if someone asks for proof of that statement and none is given, then it’s a terrorist threat. I’m creating markets that are not shy about confronting sacred cows in society. Artful use of forgiveness as a defensive tool puts the common man or woman in a place where they can leverage their personal infinite worth to levy a claim of damage, and conditionally pay it themselves all in the same process. At the same time tens, hundreds, thousands or millions of individuals can exhibit the effect of commencerability by participating in the market of the specially minted crypto currency. The power of commencerability is akin to the effect that happens when soldiers march in step over a bridge and it collapses because of the resonance and synchronized force applied from numerous places. It’s an undeniable presentment of a claim of damage coupled with the dishonor of not responding with a resulting offer of valued forgiveness putting the dishonorable party back into honor through the contract.

So I’m looking for people who realize that the concept of government is bullshit. I’m giving them a financial instrument they can use to express their solidarity so we might be able to raise awareness to the terrorist side nature of government and start making public forgiveness decrees of those who amplify the fear based trauma programs of government.

One catch though… anyone who trades or holds the Remedy.Stark coin agrees with the Forgiveness Public License. It’s a sort of agreement to forgive and be forgiven and to allow others to defend you when government zealots attack you with their “defenseless claims” of jurisdiction. “We believe that we all have stake in the coin’s value and that when an entity attacks it’s value – any of us have an interest in defending against that attack – without permission – without coordination we can respond by writing a conditional offer of forgiveness to the attacker. This beautiful expression of zeroing out hostilities into an act of valued forgiveness winds it’s way through numerous facets of the project. The principle can be used to fund projects, people, homes and even to remedy an attempt against RemedyCoin’s founder’s life by Bakersfield Police Officer Richard S. Davis, Jr.