Remedy Coin in Acapulco

Anarchists and free market enthusiasts visited Acapulco, Mexico is march of 2018 and our founder, Joe Baker was there to share the Remedy Coin concept with whomever would take the time to listen.  For a while Joe felt he was making headway by describing it as monetizing the act of forgiveness for  wrongs done.    Special thanks to all those who have taken time to learn about Remedy Coin!

Below Joe addresses the panel of speakers at The Dollar Vigilante Summit.

Intro to RemedyCoin

Remedy Coin expands possible solutions for injury compensation beyond the scope we have been limited to before the inception of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. We aim to remedy the wrongs of the past using the marketplace to bring honor to the injured party. Remedy Coin turns one’s damage into a vessel of value.

Damage to individuals is addressed in an unprecedented way. Remedy coin first substantiates the damages, appraises it’s base monetary value (medical bills, lost wages, etc.) as a guide post to the marketplace.  This incident is bound by agreement of the parties to a series of crypto tokens traded on the BarterDEX distributed exchange with over 40 other crypto currencies and other future Remedy Coins.  Now the damaged and investors can interact in this censor resistant, untraceable, privacy enhanced marketplace.  Optimally other individuals who have experienced the same damage (car accident, egregious assault, loss of home fire/flood/tornado, etc..) would invest. In this way, the marketplace brings remedy and speaks in a new language. Affirming the substantiation of the incident the damaged person experienced. Especially for instances where the bad actor denies wrong doing and got away with such actions. E.g., police brutality acquittal. We are used to forgiving, but when you are told you need to accept the wrongs done to you because there are no other options, this is where Remedy Coin steps in. Thus, Remedy Coin creates a new experience of closure.

RemedyCoin – The Beginning

A bit of background information is presented here to explain a horrendous event from which our founder, Joe Baker has never been yet able to receive remedy.  After nearly ten years of exploration Remedy Coin has an answer to this dilemma. 

Police Officer Richard S. Davis Jr.’s interaction with Joseph Baker in Bakersfield, California resulted in Baker receiving 15 blows from a club for non-violent, non-compliance (he wouldn’t voluntarily bring his feet into the back of the police car). After enduring excessive force, Baker tipped the enraged and aggressive cop on his ass. A much more level headed junior cop instructed Baker to lay face down, with his hands at this side. As Baker did this, Officer Davis Jr. proceeded to stomp on Baker’s head/neck three times, as his target laid submissively on the ground. Baker demanded at the beginning of the traffic stop to the junior cop that they get their superior officer to the scene immediately. Luckily, the superior arrived. If the superior of these cops had never arrived and intervened, this horrendous case of police brutality would be a murder story.

Needlessly said, Baker’s life was forever changed.

Baker was unable to find a lawyer to take this case. It was too big. The nature of the courts is that the lawyers get penalized in the future for fighting against the system.