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RemedyCoin – The Beginning

A bit of background information is presented here to explain a horrendous event from which our founder, Joe Baker has never been yet able to receive remedy.  After nearly ten years of exploration Remedy Coin has an answer to this dilemma. 

Police Officer Richard S. Davis Jr.’s interaction with Joseph Baker in Bakersfield, California resulted in Baker receiving 15 blows from a club for non-violent, non-compliance (he wouldn’t voluntarily bring his feet into the back of the police car). After enduring excessive force, Baker tipped the enraged and aggressive cop on his ass. A much more level headed junior cop instructed Baker to lay face down, with his hands at this side. As Baker did this, Officer Davis Jr. proceeded to stomp on Baker’s head/neck three times, as his target laid submissively on the ground. Baker demanded at the beginning of the traffic stop to the junior cop that they get their superior officer to the scene immediately. Luckily, the superior arrived. If the superior of these cops had never arrived and intervened, this horrendous case of police brutality would be a murder story.

Needlessly said, Baker’s life was forever changed.

Baker was unable to find a lawyer to take this case. It was too big. The nature of the courts is that the lawyers get penalized in the future for fighting against the system.

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