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Dr. Smith Live Q&A Vitamin A Detox

And we are about to go live again for another Love Your Liver Broadcast. (I’m in the virtual studio behind the scenes with the Doctor and in the chat room there.)
I typically use this mailing list to speak about my project. A forgiveness based monetary system. It has gone through many, many improvements through the years, but is not yet in circulation. New spinoffs have resulted. I encourage you to have a look around these web sites.

I am a man who’s experienced head traumas and it’s been a slow road to get as far as I have come. It’s amazing that I persist on this task. Part of my journey to better brain health is detoxifying my brain of the effects of Vitamin “a”. Even in the womb, our brains are chemically burned when our mothers have Morning Sickness. Toxic Bile getting into the blood supply causes all manner of detrimental effects.

While I continue daily to think about and take measures to advance the forgiveness based economy. I also see enormous value in what Dr. Garrett Smith, Grant Genereux, and Dr. Anthony Mawson have uncovered in the research findings of seemingly hundreds of research papers when you read between the lines. That there is something not right about the medical world’s insistance that vitamin a is an essential nutrient. I aim to put my efforts toward helping to provide concrete evidence to this hypothesis.

I’ve started livestreaming again… at odd times throughout the day. and often at

262-806-8031 (google voice #)

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