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Endometriosis – Live Presentation Q&A Dr. Garrett Smith

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Here at the top of the hour Garrett Smith is scheduled to start his Love Your Liver broadcast.
I’m helping Dr. Smith with managing some of the broadcast technology in the background because I see his work as so transformational. He is advancing the message that Vitamin A is not worthy of being called a vitamin. It’s not essential to live in any way. In fact, it’s toxic.

On Today’s show he’s discussing Endometriosis.
Here’s the link to his YouTube Channel

In my biofield tuning experience, I’ve had the opportunity to treat one woman who suffered from endometriosis. And the treatment ended her chronic pain. Here is her testimonial:
Lacey Skistad
I lived with endometriosis for years. I lived in chronic pain for a long time. It was an intense feeling of inflammation that I was suffering from. I found Joe and he did his magic on me without a appointment. I can say now I have been living without any pains. He is a real healer. He is a truly magical person. I would recommend a session with Joe to anyone he has a gift he can share with you.

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