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Could Ozone Therapy at a Distance cure Ebola?

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Ozone Therapy Sample you can try at a Distance
I’ve been experimenting with ozone therapy at a distance.

So In this video I describe how you can put ozone in a bag and treat someone thousands of miles away. It’s a subtle effect. Those of you interested in experiments might find this interesting.

I touch on the economics of experiments I’m doing. Taking expressions of gratitude for healing received and making it into a certificate. Putting the value as digital coins on a blockchain to trade. This is the idea of RemedyCoin – Accumulating wealth by rewarding good deeds. One who does good deeds is given digital coins that commemorate the deeds. They can then be sold to others looking to reward good works. In this way we establish a new sort of money that does good for the world every time it’s traded.

I do remote energetic therapies with Ozone, tuning forks and torsion ring energies. You can see more of my energetic therapy work at . All good stuff for assisting with keeping the body tuned up.

Well I should say that the remote Ozone therapy is experimental. I’m looking to find others who would like to collaborate. I’m hopeful that we can treat those in Africa with Ebola this way. I have more information here about how Ebola can be and has been cured by Ozone Therapy.

If you would like to be involved in supporting my work please let me know. Even if it’s just to say thank you. has info on how you can help.
Also donations may be sent via PayPal .

Thanks in advance for your generous consideration.

Joe Baker

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