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September 2020 Update

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A special anniversary it’s coming on the 29th of September. Please mark it on your calendars as a repeating reminder to find out if I have gotten remedy. This will Mark the 11th year since police stomped on my on my head and battered me with batons. This was the event that caused me to seek remedy Solutions for the world. Here is a link to today’s broadcast.

Today I’m asking for your help in numerous ways. Number one how do we tagged dishonor on a financial institution without courts? Number two can you spare a donation to help sustain my life so I can work on the concept of forgiveness based money? Number three would you make it a point to tell others about my new project called

I’m looking to isolate the Bakersfield Police Department and Kern County from the rest of the world’s Financial systems until they are in honor with me. I’m thinking of some method where I noticed all the other Central hubs of Finance so they cannot touch or will not hold deposits for these institutions. Otherwise these institutions become guilty of the dishonor by way of being an accomplice to the acts of the police department through monetary entanglement.

Ill shortly share the contact info of numerous parties who have yet to offer even so much as an apology.

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