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322 X Pre-Planned Yearly Price Growth for Forgiveness Money

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Over the last several days I’ve been imaging how to attract people to buy RemedyCoins. An idea occurred to me that we build in an agreed price accelerator into the forgiveness public license. Approximately 1.68 X thirteen lunar cycles per year updated continuously. I need something to price the coin with besides debt based monetary systems. Can you suggest any pricing metrics like an amalgam price of numerous metals, (copper, silver, gold, platinum). So this instrument would go and just keep going up, up, up in value. It makes me sad that Bitshares only offers 8 decimal places. We are looking at HUGE Pre-Planned Price Growth…. Thirteen lunar cycles per year, yields 322 X the initial value.
A key component would be a contractual arrangement with market participants to not sell under the presently provided prescribed price. Selling below this price would be a forgivable offense which might create more financial instruments to support the price of the initial coin. I used to think about Bitcoin. I aspired for it to achieve the 1,000,000 USD price per coin. I was frustrated that we just didn’t have people assert it’s value as such. Starting with our own financial instrument, we can set these parameters any way we wish.

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