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Censorship = Genocide

Joe Baker’s Remedy Report is about bringing harmony to the world through the economic innovation of the forgiveness Contract, through increased awareness and through health tips. People love my personality on the air. I treat these delicate subjects with a calmness and style unparalleled since Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood of Make Believe.

Censorship is at it’s peak because genocide is underway. The depopulation of the world is commencing before our eyes. I confronted YouTube and they defaulted allowing me to say that “YouTube is trying to kill you!” Those who are censoring ARE guilty of being co-conspirators with the murders behind the C-19 injections. Censorship = Genocide. This is as serious as the NAZI regime was in Germany.
The masks do not protect against spreading disease – IN FACT MASKS CAUSE BACTERIAL LUNG INFECTIONS!
A virus is not contagious. They are spreading disease through the injections and through wireless RF signals.
There were no huge medical centers full of COVID patients California media portrayed as my guest Howard Lichtman describes on my show where he talks about his project THE THICK RED LINE – (this was the show that got me thrown off of my primary channel on YouTube). I have been doing my show, “Joe Baker’s Remedy Report” for about 5 months now. It’s Daily at about 1pm Central Time in the USA. More info can be found at

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Remember I tell you that YOU HAVE INFINITE WORTH!

I love you all.


Joe Baker

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