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Why not get #TESTED?

  • Nano magnetic IDs like a BarCode.
  • Potential later release of a contained bioweapon that burrows into your body like a parasite.
  • Teaching authoritarians we won’t take it.
  • To foil the Alien/UN agenda to modify or destroy all humans by 2025.
  • To stop them from inserting nanobots that can track your every move, mood, sequence your DNA and modify your DNA according to wireless instructions on demand.
  • Every institution you feel is valid has been “deep captured” and is following an agenda to dehumanize you.

I watched a David Icke video with a former FEMA employee Cileste Solum who tells us so much (from ) The video is behind David Icke’s Paywall.

Possibilities are mounting (in my estimation) that the next wave of biological warfare could come from people just following recommendations to get tested for COVID-19.

Smart friends issued government records requests and governments can provide no documentation of a COVID-19 virus ever having been isolated from a human body.

I’m a fan of journalist Josh Sigdurson of World Alternative Media. And when his recent podcast showed how John Hopkins University is already deploying medications via nasal swabs it hit me like a gong why we shouldn’t trust the COVID Tests.

I mentioned this leading off one of my broadcasts earlier last week and YouTube Defamed me by turning off my ability to stream on their platform for two weeks. Today’s show on the RemedyReport will go over exactly how I converted YouTube’s defamation against me into a positive thing for the world.
I hope you’ll join me live here in a few minutes perhaps on DLIVE.

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