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Today’s RemedyReport – Coronavirus as Economic Warfare – Ozone Therapy

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Today Saturday January 25th 2020 at Noon Eastern / 1pm Central / 3pm Pacific – I’ll go live again. Special guest Alan David has been researching for 40 years asking himself “what is going on in this world? Why is it so crazy?” Impeachment, Coronavirus, Economic Warfare, Currency Wars, Brexit and much, much more. Here’s a preview of the show.

RemedyCoin is proud to sponsor With the present contagion taking place with the Coronavirus I thought it would be useful to make an introductory video to the experimental benefits I am hopeful might emerge from my remote ozone therapy work. In the video I describe an NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) method to bring the benefits of the the remote ozone therapy from the YouTube videos while one might be locked away in quarantine and usually left to die as thousands were with Ebola in Sierra Leone back in 2014.

At least this way I am working on experimental self-help protocols where people have a hope of survival. I expect that if this long shot protocol works – it will bring acknowledgement of billions of dollars worth of gratitude to the Remedy.Health asset chain.

I am looking to rename the FPL. I don’t like the word “public” because it infers concepts of government and authority structures. I have to modify the clause about all participants agreeing to not use the coercive power of government against all other adherents. It’s rather far-reaching. I could use feedback about this. I’m concerned that bad actors would become adherents and abuse their position to short circuit existing law suits.

The term “License” will probably be replaced with agreement. Another document might emerge as a “Memorandum of Understanding” which sets forth the mechanics of transactions, valuations, contract structures.

I’m looking for another form of endorsement of the project where people will sign on as supporters pledging a “liability” backing of say $10, $25, or $150. This is a sort of insurance policy or underwriting the forgiveness backed currency system.

The 9.99% growth per week in the minimum sale price is bold. I’m sticking with it. I believe that it is absolutely essential to draw participation in the markets. At the same time, this is the biggest risk of all. Because it insures insolvancy in the short term. Our gamble is that thousands of other people will create remedycoin style financial instruments and that our funders will be satisfied with trading those assets rather than cashing out to something like USD.


I simply must say it. I need help. Here I feel that I’m about to become the wealthiest man in the world, yet I am ashamed to say how little cash, crypto and liquid assets I have at my disposal. I want to thank Tina Prue for paying my way since June of 2019 until November. I grew to love her deeply but we’ve decided to be single. I keep thinking I’ll soon have endless supplies of money from the RemedyCoin project. However, reality has shown me that planning to obtain a cash stream, a car and a place to live on my own has to be forefront on my agenda. I’ve asked my Father and brother Bradley for help.


I didn’t promote a recent podcast where I read a report about the upcoming crypto currency wars. It turns out major banks, central banks and governments are getting into the figurative boxing ring of blockchain competition. Please listen as I read Alan David’s report here: . In Alan’s report he brings up the fact that I was telling him to buy Bitcoin in 2009. Shortly after this my life was turned upside down by a false arrest in Bakersfield California. I was distracted and didn’t buy Bitcoin myself until 2012. So this is huge bragging rights in the Bitcoin community – even to have been promoting Bitcoin back then.



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