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Virtual Blockchain Week

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There is an online block chain event happening April 26 – May 2, 2020 | 6:30pm-10pm EST. Its free (or you can buy a VIP ticket at a reasonable price at

If you happen to attend, please mention my work. I find the best advertising is word of mouth. My latest development in forgiveness economics is Antimoney.NET. Its a cooperative exercise to issue each person on earth 10 billion dollars worth of Anti money. Money not based on debt nor scarcity but upon the abundant recognition that each of us has infinite worth, enough to issue the quintillions of dollars necessary to back this global issuance. It will require agreement with the So I’m looking for any last minute suggestions for how to condense the FPL. I understand there will be zoom meetings online. I hope to be able to bring up my projects at in conversations.

Also of great importance please bring yourselves up to date with Alan David’s PDF reports listed on my site at . this is information and perspectives you simply can’t get from anywhere else. Research laid bare, with genius analysis. There is a new push for government crypto currencies afoot from many different governments.

Thank you Alan David for making these available to my readers. Perhaps when I can afford to find myself in a more independent location we will be able to resume broadcasts like the one we did together several months ago.

To my readers, thank you for this opportunity to come to your attention via this newsletter. I treasure our connection.

I have high hopes for AntiMoney. It is a quick way to bring a forgiveness economics product to the masses that can lead the way to styled forgiveness instruments.

Without your continued encouragement through words and donations I simply don’t know if I could continue this work.

I can accept donations via PayPal or by using this link to the same address

Of course you can always see the donate page up at .

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