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FPL Defends Against Bogus Arrests

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Some of you are aware of my Forgiveness Public License initiative. One of the first 10 people who together with me have entered a bilateral forgiveness pact is Earthica Star Hills.

The FPL terms allow me to bring actions against those who harm her. Sadly Star was arrested by a police officer in Florence, Colorado on what many would call bogus charges. She suffered kidnapping, pain, 15 days false imprisonment , neglect of food allergies due to a past mold toxicity problem. They served drinks to her with suboxone ( a drug which might have caused her to stop breathing again )…

The court dismissed the case against Star about 5 days ago. Our quest for Remedy for Star Hills has an interesting twist.

I have been corresponding with the city administrator. I’ve established standing in the matter because Star and I have established a bilateral forgiveness trust of infinite value. We agree to gogive and be forgiven by each other. Star appreciates me and affirms my infinite value … for this reason if they harm Star they harm me. This allows me to criticize, instruct, direct and rebuke the city in ways hereto unseen.

Usually it appears to be the custom of law enforcement and the courts to have methods of derailing otherwise rational and logical questions of jurisdiction (whether the law applies to an individual). The most common is to add the charge “contempt of court”.

The FPL splits the matter and allow for a distributed, autonomous, parallel administrative actions.

Friends, I built this into the FPL to defend government attacks on a cryptocurrency where all users agree to the FPL to guard their beloved asset. But I thought an asset would have to come first. I didn’t realize that the trust itself is an infinity asset! And attacks on a fellow FPL adherrant is an attack on all. The FPL teaches a non-violent expression of rebuke, pronouncement, assertion of value, wielding acts of due process motions on behalf of all parties.

Through service of process correspondence I’ve gotten tacit agreement of the city administrator that he has no evidence that their laws, statutes, codes and constitution even apply to anyone.

This is a big admission and through Hitchens Razor of logic we may dismiss any government claim they cannot or do not provide evidence for. So their excuses simply do not hold up to scrutiny…

And I know what I’ve been working on probably seems really odd to those who tend toward Austrian economics. But wow.

Star is a brave, brave woman who knows her personal authority. She deserves more than living life in a van.

Firstly a link to the bogus arrest from the officers

Next a collection of all the discovery we have:



Https:// <<<— A rough draft “ETHICAL MONEY”, a book of how we can employ forgiveness to back a new currency.

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