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RemedyCoin Promotion Report

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RemedyCoin has been getting much attention last week at the Anarchapulco conference. I’ve been asked to present RemedyCoin to TDV (The Dollar Vigilante) analysts tomorrow (Wednesday Feb 18th). Also interviews galore! Here is a playlist of Interviews I gave and received : Luke Rudkowski, G. Edward Griffin, Bix Weir, Chris Karabats of SmartCash, and the Free Talk Live interview (fast forward to 81:30 where I start).

Remedy.Destinia is live on the exchange. You can trade for it on I am thrilled to see it functioning in the beta “Itsy BiTSy Bitshares wallet” (Unreleased) by Agorize on the Google PlayStore for Android phones.

Thank you all for your interest in my work. You don’t know just how valuable each of you on this mailing list are to me. Friend and Contacts from LinkedIn, people I’ve met at blockchain conventions as I travel to change the world with RemedyCoin.

And I like to say that RemedyCoin sponsors my availability for healing work at these conventions. I’ve worked on adrenal burnout patients, gall bladders, stomach acid burns, endometriosis, birth traumas and much, much more. People are reporting to me how their lives have been dramatically changed for the good by experiencing these biofield treatments.
Thank you all!

Joseph William Baker
1930 Village Center Circle #3-4444
Las Vegas, Nevada 89134

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