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The Coming Currency Wars Part 3 on The Remedy Report

I wanted to forward on this research material from Alan David.
His latest work is this PDF “The Coming Currency Wars Part 3“. There are 17 pages in the report along with reference materials which take the page count up to 57 in all.
It is timely and may be exactly what is being covered up in the background behind all the distraction about the COVID-19 buzz.
Links to Alan’s past past reports in this series.
The Coming Currency Wars Part 1
The Coming Currency Wars Part 2

Where I’m staying I’m not at liberty to talk about these subjects. So while I’d love to broadcast an interview with Alan – for the moment – I’ll just forward on his research.

I am looking for ideas with my case against Bakersfield and other county governments. In the presentment notices I might be able to include a directive from the Kern county government to the banks that they must agree to consider the private asset “Remedy.Baker” as a 100% collateral worthy asset. I’d like them to accept it for property taxes, fines, auctions, etc…

If you’d like to sponsor me by moving me to your home for a year, and take care of my food and expenses – I make a pleasant and interesting house guest. I can be reached at 262-806-8031.

Until next time – remember – every transaction of value with another person can be commemorated and become money if done with sacrifice for someone in need. This is the key to a better monetary system.

I love you all.
Thanks for being your infinite you!
Joe Baker

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